Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous. Besides all the health benefits you find yourself with more time, more money, and more energy. I quit just over a year ago and I still discover new benefits daily. I have a better relationship with my family and co-workers. My senses grow stronger daily, recently I’ve noticed even food has better taste. I also learned I was no longer a slave to smoking, no more being an outsider to get my fix. No missing out on family conversations while I stepped outside, or having to plan out my day according to my habit. Shortly after I quit I had one of the worst head colds I’ve ever had, but I’ve not had one since. It was the seventh attempt for me, it was difficult, but even still I believe it was worth it.

Former smokers who’ve quit before age fifty have one-half the risk of dying in the next fifteen years compared with those who continue to smoke. With decreased risk of lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung diseases the former smoker can expect a longer, healthier life. You may gain a little weight when you quit, an average of ten pounds, but once you start feeling better you’ll be able to drop it quickly and easily.

There are still benefits to quitting after fifty, the risks are still greatly reduced. Determining your risk factors depends on how long and how much you smoked. The argument of “why quit the damage is done” is not valid. Yes there is damage, it still doesn’t mean you can’t heal and feel better. Every year you don’t smoke your risk of cancer and other related smoking diseases decreases. If you’ve already contracted a disease due to smoking, quitting will aid in your treatment and recovery.

Controlling your weight after giving up smoking could be a benefit to your lungs. Lung function declines with age, smoking increases the decline. After you’ve quit, and you are comfortable with your new smoke free life, start a new health regime. Even just a pleasant walk every day will help control your weight, benefit your cardiovascular system, and strengthen your lungs.

The benefits of quitting outweigh the difficulties of quitting by far. Ask for support from family and friends, get whatever help you may need, set your quit date and start enjoying the benefits of being a quitter.

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  1. i’ve been smoke fee for just 6 short weeks, and i am thrilled that i no lonnger “need” this deadly habit.

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