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With so many campaigns going on now to discourage people from smoking, it is little wonder that everywhere you look there are anti-smoking slogans. These slogans range from cute, funny and polite, to downright rude and obnoxious. There is still a question as to just how effective these slogans can be when it comes to changing the smoking habits of people.

First of all, it may help to understand just what a slogan is. Basically, it is a sentence bearing a specific message that is used to promote an idea. Through the years slogans have been used as a way for different groups to get across their points of view. Slogans are used by advertisers, politicians, and just about anyone who has an idea they want others to subscribe to. Ironically enough, slogans were also used in the past to PROMOTE cigarette smoking, just as there are now anti-smoking slogans.

There are many slogans used to try to get people to stop smoking. People carrying signs with “Save your lungs! Save your life!” and “Breath healthily, Live happily!” are all over the place when there is a gathering to protest smoking. Another more sobering one is “If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.” These anti-smoking slogans are all geared to scare you into putting down that cigarette and never picking up another one.
Some are a bit insulting but also quite funny. You may even have walked into a home or place of business that displayed a plaque reading “If you don’t smoke, I won’t fart!” While it is a bit off color, it still gets the point across. The person or persons in this home or business do NOT want you to smoke there.

Most die hard smokers are not really going to be affected by these slogans though. They may read them and turn up their noses, or laugh. Or they may totally ignore them. For the most part, these anti-smoking slogans don’t seem to make much of an impression on someone who is not going to stop smoking no matter what.
Whichever group you fall into, anti-smoking slogans will at least make for interesting conversation, whether they are serious or funny. You may want to be careful about who you get into a debate with over them though. This is a conversation that can quickly escalate into an all out war with some people, and that isn’t healthy for anyone.

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  1. be smart dont start

  2. trash the ash

  3. When you smoke, your not cool. However, you will end up extinct. (Picture of a extinct animal smoking)

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